Love Compatibility By Birth Date

Love Compatibility By Birth Date

Everyone in this world looks for someone to make them feel complete. This concept of love is depicted in our movies, songs, novels, poems and every other fictional and non-fictional source. It is a fact that people take deep interest when they find anything that is related to love. It can be a book, a movie, a song or just a thing of beauty. Anything love-related has to be fascinating.

Just like romantic literature and movies, people take deep interest in tools of love prediction. These tools are designed in a way that calculates your love compatibility with your partner more or less accurately. Some people use love prediction tools such as love calculator based on names and letters. Others use calculators that check love compatibility by birth date.

So, what exactly are love calculators?

Numerology and horoscope play an important role in pairing a couple for marriage. While these are traditional methods of calculating match-making, modern-day match-makers have used numerology to develop tools that can calculate love compatibility instantly. These tools are generally termed as love calculators.

There are also calculators that use zodiac signs to calculate love compatibility. However, when compared to calculators which analyze love compatibility by birth date, these are not so popular.

Are they any good for match-making?

Marriage is the next milestone in a person’s love-life. It is indeed a very important aspect of human life. The relationship in a marriage is blissful if two people have the perfect compatibility.  But this doesn’t happen all the time. Marriages often end up in divorce. Hence, it is really important to know your compatibility with your potential partner before you tie the nuptial knot. However, love calculator is not the best source to know your compatibility with your partner. Spending time with each other and getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes is a reasonable approach to know your compatibility with your potential life-partner.

Does it help the youth in finding love?

The youth today is as much love-smitten as they are addicted to the internet. This is the reason why most youngsters use the internet as a medium of finding love and getting into a relationship. Online dating sites and love calculators are the handiest resources for the youth to bring love into their lives.

However, from a practical point of view, love calculators are not always reliable. Since love is a powerful emotion, it may not really be configured through any means, love calculator or whatsoever. It really depends on the individuals if they want to take the results of these calculators seriously or just use it as a means of fun. Whatever be your approach towards these tools, it is certain that most people will take a chance and find out their love compatibility even if just for fun.


Love calculators are a delightful way to make your love life a little more interesting. Use it for fun but do not base your relationship on the results. The destiny of your love life is likely in your own decisions and not on a calculator of some sort. Have a great love-life!

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