Shungite and its types

Shungite and its types

As per a research, Shungite is believed to be formed about two billion years ago in the Paleoproterozoic age and it has accumulated energy for so long. This stone is primarily known for its healing power. The formation source of Shungite is from the village of Shunga in Karelia, Russia. The people of Russia use Shungite as a water purifier. It is not a crystal but a strong mineral healer. It is the only mineral that processes fullerenes which is the molecule with powerful healing qualities. Shungite is a dense rock and has the ability to withstand fire and doesn’t melt hence proving itself pyrobitumen.

In the modern world of developed technologies, we have very vulnerable electromagnetic radiations from the electronic devices. Shungite has the property of conducting electricity and inhibits EMF`s which results from electromagnetic radiation. Basically use of Shungite in our house will protect us from the harmful electromagnetic radiations that come out of electronic items such as laptops, mobile phones, computers and tablets. 

Depending on the content of carbon, Shungite is divided into three types:-


Type-I Shungite is usually called elite Shungite. The nuggets surface of the elite shungite are shiny silvery, fragile and have energetic potential due to the containment of a high i.e up to 90-98 percentage of carbon. The deposit of elite Shungite is extremely scarce. The stone is a perfect energy stabilizer and a natural healer. We can have a piece of elite shungite in our pocket to protect ourself against the geopathic influence that affects our everyday life 


Type-II Shungite is mostly used for making objects because this can be easily shaped and polished and has a bright shine. This type of shungite contains about 50-80% of carbon.


Type-III Shungite is a very rare shungite and was often used during the time of Peter the Great. It contains a  carbon amount of approximately 70-80%. This type of Shungite is ground for making different types of beads, jewellery and also in industrial use.

Shungite is used as an elixir that is made by placing the mineral in water and allowing it to purify for a short time. Drinking of this purified water has various beneficial qualities like increase healing rate and growth of cells as well as detoxification of the body. The impact of Shungite offers a fully functioning Immune system. The healing property of shungite is also powerful for the spirit and also can be used to reduce stress, boost energy, combat insomnia, as well as relieve anxiety. Go through this website to know more about the beneficial properties of Shungite.

Shungite can be easily shaped and polished and now a wide range of pendants, bracelets and other jewellery pieces are available in the gem store. These elegant and trendy pieces can also be used as a shield against electromagnetic frequencies on a daily basis. In our jewellery we use only safe eco-materials for the items to fit everyone, apart from being trendy these items have also proven to provide overall physical and spiritual healing to the person using it. All these properties contribute to the fact that this magical stone is so popular all over the world.