Hiding Identities: For Security And Not For Promoting Evil

Hiding Identities: For Security And Not For Promoting Evil

There are times when we need to conceal our identification from others to avoid problems. Hiding one’s identification may be a criminal offense but protecting oneself from being in hot waters is no offense.  One has this right to conceal one’s identify if required. We are not always supposed to reveal our identity to the strangers we hardly know about. There are many ways we can hide our information from being falling on other laps.  We can create false addresses to abstain from being tracked down. Here is a website which makes it easier for you to cover yourself to secure your identity.  But make sure that it should not be used to harm any other individual who has the same rights as you to live with the same amount of peace and respect.  

Many detectives, spies, and hackers are using such applications and websites to conceal their identity to carry out their job where being hidden is of the utmost importance.  

But there are many people who use it for pestering others either for pleasure or for some ill motives which are obnoxious and socially unacceptable. There are many anti-social elements who use technologies and inventions of our professionals to carry out crimes and anti-social activities which I personally condemn. 

I often question myself

How can a human be so ruthless that it makes it think of nothing before misusing the gifts?  These creations are only to make our lives better and secure but the evil minds are always up on their toes to misuse it to the best of their capabilities.  

Have we ever wondered how evil it is to pester someone without even bothering about their mental state?  How deep can it affect the person’s psyche? We should at least understand the meaning of being human and how important humanity is.  A real human never does things to others that he does not want to be done with itself. It’s so bothersome and sometimes can lead to fatal consequences.  

The reason should never be used against anybody irrespective of their caste, color, region, religion and sex.  Everyone deserves the same respect and dignity. No matter what work we do,  we have the right to protect ourselves from falling prey to such incidents. 

Whenever we use these applications and websites,  we must make sure that it’s not being used to harm other individuals.  Using such a platform for carrying out crimes may lead to hazardous consequences for the one using it because people nowadays have grown more careful and vigilant.  They can easily spot if anything wrong happens. Growing crimes have made people more aware now. 

Use these platforms for better purposes for tackling any anti-social activities happening around.  The sole purpose of creating such websites is to provide one with a sense of safety and security and nothing else. Don’t let the creations and inventions become taboo. 

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