Understand The Major Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards

Understand The Major Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards

Gift cards are basically cards that retailers or online stores offer to the customers so that they can shop products with those cards and avail special discounts on all the products till that card has to balance in it. They are not like your regular prepaid debit or credit card that can be reloaded every time they run out of balance. The balance that is present in the gift card can be used one time only or if you are using them partially then it can be used two or three times depending on the available balance in the card and the price of the products that you are buying. 

Only the gift cards that you buy from the stores can be used at those stores only but suppose you have myvanillagiftcard with you then you can use it in many more stores whether they are online or offline. However, when you are using them, they can be used once only until they have the required balance in them. But with a visa prepaid gift card, you can use it to buy different products and services online or offline. If you have a gift card with you then you must look at the potential pros and cons of these cards.

Major Pros Of Using A Gift Card

Gift cards can offer various benefits: 

  • They can be a decent substitute type of installment if you’d prefer not to pay cash or utilize a credit card. 
  • Gift cards can be a proper gift for these special seasons or some other exceptional occasion. 
  • You can utilize gift cards to control spending (supportive for staying away from bank overdrafts). 
  • They can be easy and helpful to utilize. 

As far as gift-giving, gift cards may be best if you have no clue about what to purchase for somebody on your gift list, as they permit the beneficiary to purchase what they need and when they need it. Simply remember that if you’re picking shut circle gift cards over open-circle cards, that restricts the giftee’s possibilities for where they can utilize the cards. 

Major Cons Of Using A Gift Card

Gift cards can likewise have a few drawbacks. Here are some of them: 

  • After purchases are made with a gift card, there might be a limited quantity of cash left, which if not utilized, regardless of whether because of carelessness or latency, winds up as cash wasted. 
  • You may pay purchase or reload charges to add cash. 
  • Shut circle cards limit purchasing power. 
  • Losing a gift card or having it taken can be a migraine, particularly if you have neglected to enlist it or keep the gift card number.6 
  • You could be charged a latency expense if you neglect to utilize your card.

The pros and cons are common with both physical and digital gift cards, both the cards can be used for once till they have balance in them. Digital cards are basically coupon codes that you receive from the companies and they cannot be used partially like you can use some physical cards in offline stores. Most companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and others allow users to grab a coupon code online or a physical card offline to shop and get an instant discount for buying stuff from them, and most of the cards or codes can be used only for one time. But if you have a visa gift card with you, you can shop with that card with every merchant and you can use them partially as well at many places.

Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Memes are the hot cake on the Internet today where everyone is obsessed with social media. Almost every smartphone user shares memes on their social media pages to gain popularity among followers. Since memes are hilarious, everybody loves them. Memes make people laugh and some of them convey lessons for life as well. But, do you wonder where these memes come from or how do some people share trending memes at a regular basis? If you don’t know, then here is the answer- there are websites that provide all types of memes for downloading. Some of them offer free service while some need a paid subscription to use their services.

Here is a list of top 7 Meme downloading websites from where you can download memes as per your needs.

  1. Reddit: Once popular as a social news platform, Reddit now has become a beloved destination among Meme lovers. The website is extensively used by memers all around the world for its high quality content. Other than memes, you can find photos, videos, GIFs, and articles on various topics on this website.
  2. Quickmeme: As the name suggests, Quickmeme is the perfect destination to quickly download trending memes. It also allows users to share memes on their social media page on the go, without the inconvenience of downloading them.
  3. KnowYourMeme: KnowYourMeme is a popular website where meme lovers can find memes based on Internet slangs. This website uses a wiki software that collects various memes that had gone viral previously and remakes them in a revised form.
  4. Gifbin: Although popularly known for its funny and exciting GIFs, Gifbin also provides quality memes that can bring a laughter on your face. Gifbin offers trending and latest meme collections that can be downloaded or shared directly on various social network sites. 
  5. Imgur: If you are searching for all types of content from memes to short videos in order to upload on your social media page, then Imgur is just the right place to visit. This website contains contents like hilarious memes, GIFs, images, videos etc. You just have  to use a tool called Imgur gallery downloader and download whatever you want to. You can also share your own content like photos or videos on this website. This can be done by using the same tool called Imgur gallery downloader.
  6. 9GAG: If you are a meme lover on Facebook, then you might have definitely heard about the Facebook page called 9GAG. This Facebook page provides memes of all genres and has a fan following of around 42 million. It is a Hong Kong based company started in 2008 and today it is one of the most influential meme pages around the world.
  7. Memedroid: Memedroid is a meme-generating website dedicated for android phones. You can find and share various hilarious and weird memes that can be downloaded or shared from your Android phone.

I hope you found some useful information about meme-generating pages from this article. If you feel that any other pages should be included in this list, please let me know. 

Thank you very much for reading!

Hopping on the Trend:Cal 7 Penny Board

Hopping on the Trend:Cal 7 Penny Board

Nowadays people have started following ongoing trends just to keep their cool quotient in check..I mean everyone does everything to keep themselves noticed..so there are some ongoing trends that are being followed by EVERYONE

  1. Being an influencer: Instagram has upped the social media game by several notches..be it the way the stories are posted or be it a handle’s aesthetics..everything on Instagram seems beautiful and pleasing to they eye. Everyone on this platform wants to be famous and wants to be the one influencing other people on the social media. Sometimes, people also follow trends like the shoe transition or buss it challenge or transition videos and nowadays the latest trend is Insta reels to get viral on this social media platform.People like Komal PandeyKusha KapilaDolly Singh have about one million followers and with their fresh and interesting content they have been successfully engaging many audiences.
  2. Being a blogger: Blogging has become the most common platform for the youth nowadays to express themselves and their view points on a larger platform..many people have took onto blogging in different fields..be it lifestyle blogging or fashion blogging or travel blogging or food blogging, everyone enjoys the content created by them and even follow the recommendations they provide or people even try to copy the lifestyles of the bloggers they follow. For example Kritika Khurana(that boho girl) is a very famous fashion blogger..Savi and Vid(the bruised passports) are famous travel bloggers..Belly Over Mind by Ankiet Gulabani is a very famous food blog, etc
  3. Pre wedding video trends: The couples who are about to get married have started following this trend of getting an exclusive photo shoot done..couples choose a trendy spot to get their pictures clicked in order to get quirky and beautiful photos..many people invest a lot of money to get this done.
  4. Riding skates: Be it the youth or adults, this trend is on the go since a long time now..many people are seen using skateboards and penny boards on a daily basis. Penny boards are an amazing option and top 5 cal 7 penny boards are easily available online, whereas skateboards are easily available too.
  5. Online Shopping: Nowadays people avoid the obvious rush and hustle of the markets and malls and prefer shopping online instead. Usually people select designs online and prefer to get it delivered to the comforts of their home..internet surely is producing one  razy, lazy and lethargic generation I must say! Websites like Myntra and Flipkart offers a wide variety of clothes that too in a lot of sizes and material!
  6. Making Tiktoks: Tiktok is a Chineese app through which you can produce short clips in which you can enunciate or dance to songs or lip dub to dialogues..although this Chineese app has been banned in India, it is still one of the most followed and performed trend throughout the world..be it elders or youngsters, everyone loves making tiktoks and they love sharing it on social media to be part of the ongoing trend.
  7. Cycling: During the pandemic, cycling became one of the most favorite pass time of the youth, people started cycling..leaving their other vehicles behind just in order to keep up with the ongoing trend.
Discussing The Career And Lifestyle Of Aakriti Rana

Discussing The Career And Lifestyle Of Aakriti Rana

Personal Life

Aakriti Rana is one of the famous fashion bloggers who is a very influential person in the Indian blogging world. Her name comes up when style and attitude are mentioned among other people in this field. Born on July 5, 1991, she is an inspiration to other women on how they can shape their life with grace and passion. Her success in her life and her career is because she tends to work hard. She turned to a vegan-based diet recently. She loves to listen to contemporary music in her free time. She loves to eat junk food and also she likes to explore new things and have an interest in learning new software. According to her, she is more a tech person rather than a book reader. She is a big celebrity with around 720k followers on Instagram and she also runs a youtube channel with around 150k subscribers.

Family, Education, and Relationships

Aakriti Rana belongs to an Army Family and she was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. From an early age, her father has been her inspiration and her mother has helped her in her photoshoots and outfit selection. Aakriti has been very close to her younger brother, who is a pilot with a commercial airline, and also he has a fan following of 54k on Instagram.

Being a part of an Army Family, she has to complete her education from different schools in different parts of India. She has done her schooling at 14 schools. After schooling, she did her bachelor’s degree from Symbiosis, Pune and later she did MBA in Fashion designing from Lancaster University.

There has been a lot of rumors and she has also been linked to lots of people but her relationships are unknown. In the past, she met Parleen Gill who is a singer and finalist in Indian Idol Season 3. But after some time they got separated from each other. When asked about him she told that she admires him the most as he had taught her a lot of things. As of right now, he has been dating Rohan Gupta who works in the Indian Merchant Navy.

Career, Achievements, and Wealth

Aakriti Rana is a very well-known fashion blogger in India. Apart from fashion designing, she is also known for her youtube videos, stylist, and modeling. She started working with many various multinational fashion brands as soon as she entered the modeling and blogging industry. After completing her MBA in fashion designing, she realized that digital marketing is the future so she started her blogging channel related to fashion.

She started her blogging channel in 2014 where she usually talked about fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Later, she also created her youtube channel where she mostly shares tips, guides, and information related to fashion and styling. She has a huge fan following on TikTok before it got banned in India. She also has knowledge of graphic design and photography.

Her net worth is around $7.5 million. Most of her wealth source is from blogging and her youtube channel. Another source of income is from graphic designing and collaborating with fashion brands. Although there can be many more sources from where she earns a lot of money like paid advertisements and product promotions on her social media accounts, most of her stable income comes from youtube and blog sites.

Some Questions of People Regarding Pinterest

Some Questions of People Regarding Pinterest

Pinterest is a very common platform for social media marketers, small businesses, people who love art and craft, and most importantly who want to try new ideas in their life regarding their work. Pinterest can be very useful for people who want to build their audience for blogs, websites, or sell their products. Pinterest gets more than 20 million pins every month and worldwide it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. But, still there are some doubts and questions of people regarding Pinterest, and here are some of the major questions of people regarding this platform.

Can Pinterest Help You In Growing Your Sales?

Indeed, Pinterest can help you with growing your sales figure. Pinterest is the second-best platform after Facebook that covers most numbers of users into potential customers through their massive reach with the people who actually are interested in your products. Pins on Pinterest can remain on-trend and get more repins for a long time as compared to other social media platforms, hence, driving more sales for the users for a long time.

Can We Download Videos From Pinterest?

Although, there is no way to download any video from Pinterest you can download any images from that site you can use the free online Pinterest video downloader web tool and download any Pinterest video by pasting the URL of the video and clicking on the download button. It is the easiest way to download videos from Pinterest and you can even download images, gifs, and boards from Pinterest.

What are Rich Pins? Does our image need to get them? 

Rich Pins will be pins with additional data added to them, similar to a thing’s cost, if it’s available, and where it’s sold. The additional coding gives every Rich Pin an intense title that commands notice. If a Rich Pin actually goes marked down, all pinners that have pinned it will get an email. Additionally, when a brand adds Rich Pins, all current pins will at that point be made Rich too. It’s critical for all brands to have Rich Pins. 

What boards do we need to have? 

It’s vital to have boards that are moving, similar to occasional or occasion boards. All brands ought to have a board around spring and summer at this moment! You can get as specific as you’d like. We suggest having a decent assortment of boards, regardless of what your image sells. It’s imperative to give your crowd motivation in a few parts of their lives, within any event half tying back to your image somehow or another. 

How might we enhance our pictures for Pinterest every time? 

A ton of brands are keen on how they can rapidly improve their pictures to look better and perform better on Pinterest. The four things mentioned below are very important before posting your content on Pinterest.

1) Cropping: We prescribe continually cropping pictures to be at the extents of 720 x 1200 pixels. 

2) Brighten: When you upload something on Pinterest, it automatically gets a little darker, so make sure you make them bright by using photoshop or any other tool.

3) Stacking: Use 2 to 3 level pictures that aren’t croppable and place them on a material of 720 x 1200-1500 high. 

4) Adding text: Occasionally add text to plans, home-style, curated furnishes, and gather gift thoughts to advance snaps and repins. Use photoshop tools to run your work smoothly.

Companies That Produce Auto Rickshaws In India

Companies That Produce Auto Rickshaws In India

Auto rickshaws are the best transport options when it comes to traveling in a city as they are easily available and charge you very little for any journey. At the same time now most of the auto rickshaws are environment friendly and produce less smoke. Companies that make auto-rickshaws are now creating new and more enhanced models every year that can contribute more towards human safety, comfort and at the same time consume less fuel and emit less smoke in the environment. 

Companies are now planning to move ahead and make some new kind of auto-rickshaws that are even better for the environment. The electric rickshaws are already in the market but people cannot target larger distances with these rickshaws. Although they are more good for the environment at the same time they cannot attain a faster speed with more passengers and if the battery goes down, you cannot charge them in between the transit. Auto rickshaws are produced by many big names in India, and here are some of those companies listed below.

Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw

Most of the auto-rickshaws that you see on road today are produced by the automobile giant Bajaj Automobiles. The auto-rickshaw is the best choice for people who do not have any clue before buying any three-wheeler but still want to get the best of their money. You can get the Bajaj auto rickshaw for a price of around 2 lakhs in India. Look at the bajaj auto rickshaw price list for more details about the pricing. Bajaj auto-rickshaws are best in comfort for the passenger and driver with sufficient leg space and have some unique features that make it the most preferred auto-rickshaw in the country.

Piaggio Auto Rickshaw

Piaggio is one of the leading auto manufacturers in India and you can see them regularly in your streets nearby. They come in a variety of options with every variant having its own specific price. The basic petrol version starts from 1 lakh and 6 thousand and there are three other variants including the LPG, CNG, and Diesel with different price tags. Piaggio is considered the biggest rival for the Bajaj RE auto Rickshaw in terms of comfort, safety, power, pricing, and inside features.

Mahindra Auto Rickshaw

Mahindra Alfa Passenger is a three-wheeler auto-rickshaw from one of the well-known brands of India. It has 8 Horsepower diesel engine and single cylinder which make it one of the excellent vehicles to be used on a daily basis for taxi purposes. It has excellent mileage and performance and is one of the best-selling auto-rickshaws in its category. You can get a Mahindra Auto Rickshaw starting from 1,50,000 and it may go up as you move to different cities. They are even different and bigger than the conventional auto rickshaws.

TVS Auto Rickshaw

The next name on the list is TVs. The TVS King three-wheeler is one of the excellent vehicles from the great company TVS. You can find this vehicle in petrol and the CNG versions. It essentially certifies superpower, style, and comfort along with the great mileage over the road due to its powerful engine. Owing to the longer warranty and lesser maintenance costs, the TVS King has become one of the highest quality products at present. Looking at the price, you can get TVS Auto Rickshaw with a minimum price starting from 1,35,000.

The Ordinary..Coffee Lovers, Ahoy!

The Ordinary Coffee Lovers, Ahoy!

How much do you love coffee? Isn’t it just ummm…heavenly? A big shout out to the coffee lovers and the people who start their day with coffee..I mean how can a drink can make you feel so happy and elated right? How can a drink make us feel rejuvenated, right? Caffeinated products like coffee helps to relax and have a good time.  Probably every one have their own reasons..

  1. The wonderful aroma: Loving coffee is a given because of the un-avoidable aroma..it’s aroma is just the best and even by smelling it I feel happy and at bay. Specially when the coffee is freshly brewed, it takes over your senses.
  2. Helps to wake up: There are so many people who surely claim that they cannot even start their day without a coffee..coffee helps them to wake up properly and get a fresh start to the day.
  3. The taste is exquisite: Many people obviously love coffee because they find coffee as a treat for their taste buds..in fact, many other caffeinated products taste heavenly..just like iced tea or iced coffee or Red Bull , etc.
  4. It makes me refreshed: At the end of the day, usually when people feel tired and feel as if they cannot wait for the end of the day, but when they see the clock and it’s just 4 p.m and then they receive a ping about the things to be done that very day..a coffee surely comes in handy, it helps them gain their energy to endure the entire day without raining down their emotions on somebody(mostly an emotional breakdown)
  5. Helps people strike a conversation: Coffee is a definite way to start a conversation..I mean, nowadays almost every one start their dating life with a coffee date.
  6. Helps people stay young: There are some caffeinated products that help reduce the puffiness under the eyes..the ordinary caffeine solution reviews are phenomenal..many people have claimed that a regular usage has reduced the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It has been claimed that it is a revolutionary product.
  7. Relaxing factor: Coffee has a relaxation factor on it’s own..I mean, when people know that there is loads and loads of work to do in little to not time.. even when they hate what they are doing, they know that their bias boss just yells at them in front of everybody for no reason at all..they claim that a bog cup of coffee helps them to relax and stay calm.
  8. Rich in antioxidants: Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside a bright red berry, sometimes called a coffee cherry. Like all plant foods, both the berries and the seeds are rich in antioxidants.
  9. It is many people’s workout buddy: Caffeine consumption before a workout boosts energy, once it enters the body..it increases blood pressure and heart rate, fats are broken down and fatty acids enter the body. Studies have shown that there is a link between athletic performance, fitness and caffeine intake prior to workout.

It is popularly said that- “Good ideas start with brainstorming and great ideas start with coffee” and I think there are no two ways about it.

Change Your Destiny With Wheel Of Fortune Game

Change Your Destiny With Wheel Of Fortune Game

Many of you think and hope to find a legitimate way to earn money online. The internet is full with websites and apps that claim to give you lots of money for doing tasks. But, I can assure you that 80% of those websites are fake and are designed to loot your hard earned money.

Earning easy money is not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are some legitimate websites and online platforms that can help you to generate a decent income every month. There are job providing platforms where you can find legit jobs, there are genuine survey sites that give money for taking surveys, again there are online game shows, there are online casinos, etc. However, most of these job profiles require special skill sets to achieve your goals. Again, to win in online casino games, you need to be very lucky.

Now, will you believe me if I say that there is a platform which requires no skills and no need for any luck to make money online. In this article, I will share some information about an online platform where you can earn easy money in a legitimate way. So, let’s get started.

You might have heard about a TV game show named “Wheel of Fortune”. This game show is featured on the CBS network and is broadcasted all around the globe. Many people have won millions from this game show by solving quiz and puzzles. You have to be a real smart-head in order to win in this game show. But, what if I tell you that even a dumb guy can win this game show? You will not believe me, right? But it is true!

The game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ has an online variant that everyone can play. You just have to download the Wheel of fortune game app and play the game. It is as simple as that. You can play this game on your computer or your smartphone and start winning. You might think that downloading the game is ok, but, how can a dumb guy solve puzzles? Here, I will say that it is possible. There is a website that can help even the dumbest of people to win the Wheel of Fortune game.

Wofcheatsanswers.com is a website that provides probable Wheel of fortune answers. You just have to fill up your login credentials and get access to all the probable answers and cheats that are commonly asked in the Wheel of fortune game show. By taking the help of this website everyone can win the game show easily and earn a decent income. If you are playing the online version of this game show and using this website to find wheel of fortune answers, you will definitely win regularly and shape up your future.

I hope you found some helpful information from this article. I am eager to know your feedback in this regard. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I will be glad to resolve your doubts. 

Thank you very much for reading!

DIY: Amp Up Your Room!

DIY: Amp Up Your Room!

Quirky– “Unusual in an attractive and interesting way” – Cambridge DictionarySocial media trends call for a quirky twist in various aspects of your life..be it the way you dress, the way you present yourself or the way you decorate your room.As a social media influencer, your room decor is as important as your social media page aesthetics(just because a lot of content is shot and made in your rooms, obviously)..so to make your room pleasing to yourself and your content consumers, there are a lot pf things available just like

  • Customized rugs: Rugs can make or break your room’s aesthetics…if you opt for something common, your room won’t be able to stand out..but if you customize rugs in something quirky or something different, your room will definitely light up.
  • Table pieces: Side table pieces can enhance the look of your room by heaps..if you choose something like a vase, it might not be noticeable but something like a classic gramophone or a quirky centerpiece will definitely stand out in your room.
  • Plants: Indoor plants are a very popular decorative item nowadays..it is the current rage among influencers and content creators.. without a doubt, it enhances the look of your room and bonus bonus!- It keeps the room fresh. Plants like are usually kept indoors for decor.
  • Comic book decor– Decor using comic books have been the most quirky decorative item nowadays..it is also pocket friendly as you can use the comic books at your own home to amp your room up. There are several ways to inculcate comic books to enhance the aesthetics of your room for instance, comic book frames..they make your room look way cooler and it protects your comic books from wearing off.
  • Curtains: Curtains definitely play a major role in changing the whole look of your room..so choose or customize such a design which stands out and is not that common.
  • Gallery: Nowadays, photo gallery is a very popular way to decorate your room and give it a personal touch..you can create a gallery of your treasured photographs on a wall and create geometrical designs on the wall through the frames of the photographs you select.
  • Lamps: Quirky lamps give a major oomph factor to your room! Choose from a wide range of available designs at any flea market near you..or if you feel like it, you can totally customize and design a lamp for yourself!
  • Door knobs/ Wardrobe knobs: Knobs can change the whole look of a rather plain looking door, windows or wardrobes. These are your essentials and amping them up might make your room more noticeable.
  • Mirror: Almost everyone has a mirror in their room to help them get ready and going.so even adding up some lights to your otherwise plain looking mirror might change the vibe of your room.

Adding even smallest of elements in a room changes the whole vibe of a room..why is it necessary you ask? A lively room makes you want to wake up early in the morning and hustle hard all day long..It is not necessary to spend a bomb to make your room different from others..many thrift stores, flea markets and roadside vendors are able to produce stuff that actually might bring out the creativity in you and make your room noteworthy.

Most Popular Apps And Websites For Dating In Canada

Most Popular Apps And Websites For Dating In Canada

There are many ways to grab a date for yourself if you are in direct contact with someone or if you met someone at any party or event. This can be very easy for extroverts but on the other hand, some people do not feel comfortable while talking to other people in real life. For online dating sites and applications are the best things to get a date without facing them in real life.

In Canada, there are thousands of single boys and girls who are actually willing to get a date for themselves. If you live in Canada then there are many Canadian dating sites and applications where you can find this kind of people. Some of the most popular applications and websites to get a date for yourself are listed below.


Tinder is the most popular global application that has a wide user base of people from all over the world. Even Canadians rely on this application to get a date for them and you can find people from other regions as well if you have opted for tinder plus or tinder gold which are premium services offered by this application. But even if you are not using those paid options, you can easily get some matches after making a good profile. Verify your profile to increase your authenticity and more people who are looking for dates can trust you and give you alike.


OkCupid is yet another application based on dating which is very popular with Canadians. There are many options for people to get in touch with people and have a conversation. This platform is not very old just like tinder but it has grown with a large user base lately and apart from Canada, this application is widely used in India, the USA, and many European countries. Create a strong profile with your best pictures, a catchy bio describing you and get it verified and look forward to the matches after that.


When you search for “dating in Canada”, this is the first website that will show up on results. Eharmony.ca is the most popular platform with Canadians looking for their dates. This site has millions of registered users and you can find the most authentic people over here. Here you can find people nearby your location and without delay, you can meet and start dating each other. The signup process is also very easy but here you have to give a personality test which will take more than 30 minutes of your time. There are three plans on this website: free, basic, and total connect. Unlock all your features by paying for a total connect plan. 


Match.ca is another website that is widely used by people of Canada to find a date. Here you can make your profile within minutes and start searching for people nearby after filling out your preferred date type and what you are looking for in general. There are three ways by which you can find people starting from the basic search which has birthdays, reverse matches, mutual matches, and so forth. Then there is an advanced search option for finding people by using location, age, lifestyle choices, and their appearances. After that, you get a feature just like tinder to match with other profiles by liking them and if you get a like back you can start your conversation.