Best schools in phoenix

Best schools in phoenix

In phoenix, the students in high school must earn 22 credits to be graduated. This credit also includes credits in American history and economics. State end exam must be taken in Math and English language arts by high school students. Out of the list of Best high schools released by U.S News many of them are present in Arizona. BASIS Scottsdale is the highest ranked school. This is located in BASIS Schools District. From Arizona’s capital of phoenix it takes half an hour drive to reach this.

Top rated Arizona schools are follows:

  • University High School (Tucson)
  • BASIS Oro Valley
  • Catalina Foothills High School
  • Arizona School for the Arts
  • Gilbert Classical Academy High School
  • Arizona College Prep
  • University High School (Tolleson)
  • BASIS Tucson North
  • Northland Preparatory Academy
  • BASIS Scottsdale

Within Arizona, BASIS Scottsdale school has got first ranking. Here the students are provided with advanced placement exams and course work. Moreover in this school the Ap participation rate is believed to be 100 %.  The student body consists 46% female and 54 % male. 53% percent is the minority enrollment. In the BASIS School Inc, this is the only high school.

Within Arizona BASIS Tucson North has got 2nd ranking. Here also students will get advanced placement exams and work. 100 % is the Ap participation rate for this school as well. 50% female and 50% male is the student body makeup. Here 48% is the total minority enrollment.

Within Arizona ASIS Oro Valley has earned third ranking. Here enrolled students have given opportunity to take up advanced placement course and exams. Even for this school 100% is the Ap participation rate.  Here 47% is the female and 53 % is the male student body makeup. 39 % will be the minority enrollment in ASIS Oro Valley.

Within Arizona, Arizona College prep Erie Campus has earned fourth ranking. Here 100% is the Ap participation rate. Students are given opportunity here to take advanced placement exams and course work. Here the student body makeup will have 55 % female and 45% male. 36 % is the minority enrollment fixed for Arizona College prep. Among the Chandler Unified School District high schools this has gained high popularity. There are 7 high schools in this district.

Along with offering advanced courses and honors, University High school also offers beginning dance and software development. They offer enrollment for concurrent engineering courses by partnering with University of Arizona. It also includes foreign language teaching like German and Chinese. Here students group usually range from Model United Nations to archery.

Teenage students in classroom.

Within Arizona Gilbert Classical Academy has earned seventh ranking. Here also students get opportunity to take up advanced courses and exams in placements. 100% is the Ap participation rate for this school. 52 % female and the 48% male is the student body makeup in this school. 33 % is the minority enrollment for this school. In the Gilbert Unifies District there are 7 high schools and Gilbert Classical Academy is one among them.