Why multithreading is not possible in python

If you are looking for a language that supports multithreading, then Python is the right choice. It is one of the fastest languages in the world and has become extremely popular among developers. However, there are some common misconceptions regarding python’s multithreading capabilities that need to be cleared out first.

Is python good for multithreading

Python is a single threaded language, and it’s not good for multithreading. However, Python is an interpreted language which means that the code can be executed in a separate thread. This feature is used by some frameworks to achieve concurrency in Python but it won’t help you much if you want to use multithreading in your programs.

If you are planning to write a parallel application using Python, I think it would be better if you go with other languages (like C) instead of using this one because they have been specifically designed for such purposes while this one wasn’t built keeping that requirement in mind. Check here, what is multithreading in c#.

Does python supports multithreading

Python does not support multithreading. It is a single threaded language and therefore cannot be used for multithreading applications.

Python does not have any construct that allows you to perform multi-tasking in it. It only allows you to run one code at a time, so if you have multiple threads running at the same time, there will be waiting for each other and hence it will lead to deadlock or live lock situation which makes the application unusable.

Python multithreading vs multiprocessing

In this section we will discuss the differences between multiprocessing and multithreading, and how each can be used to get similar functionality.

Multiprocessing is a solution for Python programmers when they want to use multiple processes. This allows them to write code as if it was running on a single machine with multiple processors, by spawning off separate processes that make use of the available CPUs (on Linux).

The main advantage of using multiprocessing over multithreading is that you don’t need any additional libraries or installation steps — it’s built-in! The downside is that only one process can run at a time; so if you have two CPU cores on your computer and want them both utilized at 100%, you’ll need another machine or two dedicated just for processing requests from users (as opposed to serving static files).

Multiprocessing is also useful if you want some sort of synchronization between different parts of your application without using locks between threads — which would be problematic when dealing with many simultaneous requests depending on each other’s state (as might occur when serving HTTP requests).

Is python single threaded

  • Yes, Python is single threaded.
  • Python is not multithreaded.
  • Python is a single threaded language, which means that you can only run one piece of code at a time, and that each piece of code will start running when it is called by the main program and only stop once its execution has finished or been interrupted by another part of the code.


In conclusion, the main takeaway is that multithreading is not possible in Python. It’s a language designed to run on a single thread, and it doesn’t have any built-in support for threads. That said, there are ways around this limitation by using third party libraries such as asyncio or pycoro.

Different Types of Hoverboards In The Market

Hoverboards are now in the trend and instead of buying cycles, people choose to buy hoverboards to commute short distances. Hoverboards are more attractive, consume less space, consume less energy of the person who is riding the board and it is available in various types. Overall they offer many advantages over the normal cycles that people used to buy in the past but choosing the one for you could be a difficult decision.

There are mini hoverboards for kids, foot hoverboards, and many more types that can be bought. But you should look out for the hoverboard that not just looks attractive but it must fulfill the need of the situation. If you are finding it difficult to choose the correct one for yourself then you must see the variety of hoverboards first and how they can be useful to you. Here are some popular varieties listed below.

Broad Wheel Hoverboard

Broad wheel hoverboards are an absolute beast and they come with 10 inches tires that can move around easily on mud, wet grounds, rough terrains, grass, and sand. These tires however made it difficult for the hoverboard to run at more speed. These hoverboards are smooth while riding and do not feel uncomfortable on rough roads due to their big broad styles and goof suspension. They are good for beginners as they hold grip and balance well as compared to others. The hoverboard however offers low torque which is not good while climbing.

Medium Wheel Hoverboard

The medium wheel hoverboards are a good option for people who love climbing steep hills and at the same time need comfort while riding. The 8-inch tires of this hoverboard make the ride safe and comfortable for the rider. You just need some patience and practice to ride it properly. The hoverboard is not too big to take somewhere and not too small that it will not bear your weight in rough, grassy or muddy conditions. You can use them in all-terrain.

Small Wheel Hoverboard

If you want something for your kid then you must consider buying a small wheel hoverboard that comes with 6-6.5 inches tires. These hoverboards can bear the weight of children and teenagers who are 13 years or below. They offer great comfort and due to the small design they are easier to pretend anywhere and you can keep them anywhere easily. Don’t bother to ride this hoverboard if you are an adult as it will damage the hoverboard due to excess weight.

One wheel Hoverboards

The one-wheel hoverboards are very sturdy, durable, have powerful motors, and come with powerful batteries that can reach a maximum speed up to 15 miles per hour. The hoverboard is like a surfboard and it feels like you are riding on the tides on your nearby roads. The hoverboards have great acceleration that can be controlled easily by leaning forward and back. They work a little differently as compared to normal two-wheel hoverboards.

Individual Foot Hoverboards

Individual foot hoverboards for you can say that they are individual for hover shoes that work on their own. Wear them in your individual feet and move around at a decent speed of 7 miles per hour. It feels very much like skates but comes with a fitted motor that does not require your effort to ride the roads. However, they need precision to drive and you need to balance them to ride safely.

Best Alternatives To The Gas Heating Systems

Best Alternatives To The Gas Heating Systems

Flammable gas isn’t the main fuel utilized by boilers to produce central heating and high temp water. Actually, there are various options that all have their own advantages. The vast majority of the individuals settle on central heating using gas however separated from gas there can be numerous options that can be utilized in boilers to heat your room, working environment, or some other spot. Here is a portion of the significant options underneath. 

LPG Boiler 

Melted Petroleum Gas (LPG) is, similar to gaseous petrol, a fuel which can be singed to create vitality at the same time, in contrast to flammable gas, it’s put away on location as opposed to conveyed through a channel organized as and when required. Some petroleum gas boilers are LPG good which could help for smooth progress from a gas boiler. Find out more in our LPG Boiler Guide. 

Electric Boiler 

Every cutting edge boiler has electrical parts to work yet just electric boilers use electricity as a fuel. The main worry with electric boilers is that electricity is costly, particularly when contrasted with flammable gas and oil. Notwithstanding, for smaller properties, for example, pads, that aren’t associated with the gas arrangement and have nowhere to store oil or LPG, electric boilers are a practical arrangement. As electric boilers are just ready to deliver smaller measures of high temp water, they’re not reasonable for bigger properties. 

Sustainable Heating Systems 

sustainable heating system takes vitality from sustainable power sources, for example, the air, ground, and sun before converting it into heat for the home. In contrast to petroleum products, these vitality sources are sustainable and will never run out. 

Choosing an inexhaustible heating system as an option in contrast to a gas boiler would accompany various advantages: 

  • No carbon outflows 
  • Lower vitality bills 
  • Potential to get installments through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) 
  • Try not to will in general need a similar degree of maintenance 
  • Can last as long as 20-25 years – contrasted with around 10 for a gas boiler 

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps basically work in a similar manner as air conditioners however with the contrary outcome. They have a fan that brings in outside air and concentrates the glow from that air before heating it further, a few models can even do this in temperatures as low as – 20°C. An air-source heat siphon is at its most productive when operating at low temperatures, making them ideal for a heating system which includes underfloor heating or enormous radiators. 

Ground Source Heat Pump

Underground temperatures are at a consistent temperature of 10-15°C, the warmth that a ground source heat siphon can bridle, and use to give central heating and boiling water to a property. To get to this heat, a ground source heat siphon includes a channel arrangement that courses from the heat siphon under the ground in space and backs up to the heat siphon. As they include a fairly broad funnel system, you will require a reasonably measured open air space. 

Solar Warm 

It’s generally known that solar boards (PV systems) can produce electricity for a property using vitality from the sun however solar warm boards utilize that equivalent vitality for heating water. Within the boards are containers of liquid which take in heat from the sun, this vitality is then passed through a heat exchanger to heat up the water in a cylinder.

Types Of Electrical Wires used At Homes

Types Of Electrical Wires used At Homes

There are various kinds of wiring and cable found all through a home just as around it. In the event that you are searching for an apparatus to get the correct wire size for cable calculator devices can be beneficial for you here.  We’ll experience the most common sorts in more detail beneath. 

Non-Metallic Cable 

In homes worked after the mid-1960s, the wiring is generally standard. The common kind of home electrical wiring is non-metallic, or NM, cable. You may likewise know it as Romex cable, which is the most famous brand name of this kind of electrical wiring. 

NM cable is normally three or more individual conductors. Those conductors are enveloped by an adaptable plastic jacket otherwise called sheathing. In one NM cable, you’ll, as a rule, locate a hot wire, a ground wire, and a nonpartisan wire. 

Armored Cable 

As referenced, local ordinances on house electrical wire will in general be more strict than national codes. Furthermore, in certain communities, Romex or NM cable isn’t allowed for use. Rather, these communities utilize armored cable or AC. 

Otherwise called BX, this sort of electrical wire goes back to the mid-1900s, however, it’s as yet being used today. AC wiring is planned with adaptable metallic sheathing. This gives additional protection to the conductors inside. Like NM cables, AC isn’t allowed for use in commercial structures or private constructions exceeding three stories. The guidelines encompassing help are likewise comparable. 

Underground Feeder Cable 

While AC and NM cables are intended for dry, inside conditions, you need a cable that is alright for use outside or in wet conditions. This sort of cable needn’t bother with the protection of dividers, floors, and ceilings. 

That is the reason when you have to run wire underground or to open-air projects, you utilize an underground feeder, or UF, cable. This kind of electrical wire is additionally non-metallic cable and it very well may be covered under the ground without conduit. 

It can likewise get wet with no issues. Like NM cable, UF cable consists of three wires. One hot wire, one impartial wire, and an exposed ground wire. They seem like NM cable also, yet the sheathing around the UF cable is a strong plastic that you can’t move between your fingers. 

Metal-Clad Cable 

In the event that you have some home electrical wire going through incomplete regions like storm cellars, they need a more grounded external surface. That is where the metal-clad cable comes in. It’s utilized in incomplete regions where the wiring is presented to the chance of physical harm. 

Low-Voltage Wiring 

At the point when you have a circuit that utilizes under 50 volts, you may utilize low-voltage wiring. This sort of house electrical wire is utilized for things that don’t require a great deal of electricity. This includes doorbells, most thermostats, and landscape lighting. You’ll discover low-voltage wire ranges in size from 12 to 22-gauge. It’s normally protected or covered in cable sheathing. 

Phone and Data Wire 

On the off chance that you despite everything have a landline telephone, you have special wiring for it. The equivalent can be said for your web connection. Both your phone and web utilize low-voltage wires. Your telephone and data cables can contain anywhere from four to eight wires. Be that as it may, the most common sort of cable utilized for this reason for existing is Category 5, or Cat 5. Cat 5 cables are eight wires that are enveloped together by four sets.