Kinds of Jewellery

Kinds of Jewellery

Jewellery can be made up of various materials depending upon the requirements of the people from different cultures and backgrounds. Jewellery is worn by every individual from a child to a grown man or woman. It can be worn by the individuals for some specific reasons as well as for some personal reasons. Women mostly are fond of jewellery and it is symbol of beauty for them.

Regardless of age and culture, women are always attracted towards different types of jewellery. Unique fashion jewellery is always in demand among the women, they always need something more unique and more attractive that matches their attire and personality. To make it more attractive we use diamonds, amber, jade and many more gems in Indian Jewellery. But in the present scene young people are much more interested in the fashion jewellery as it looks more attractive and it is cheaper as well. From traditional jewellery, bridal jewellery to costume jewellery, India has a wide variety of jewellery present in the market. Let’s  talk about some jewellery and their types in India below.

In the Indian market we have different types of jewellery according to the needs of the people, culture or according to the occasion.

  • Bridal Jewellery 

In India, a bride is incomplete without a Bridal Jewellery. Bridal jewellery has a special place in every Indian culture and the bride’s look depends upon the kind of jewellery she is wearing. In the early time most of the bridal jewellery were made of gold only but now according to the changing needs of the people, a few changes have been made depending upon the look of the attire.  

  • Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery is one of the most trending things in India presently. You can customize the jewellery according to your needs or according to your attire. Customized rings, necklaces, pendants are available in the market with a lot of choices. A Jewellery is basically customized to make it more attractive and according to the needs of the individual.

  • Gemstone jewellery 

Gemstone jewellery is very popular India from a very long time period. Gemstones are believed to be sacred in many cultures and each gemstone has got some kind of energy in it. Jewellery is studded with different kinds of gems like Ruby, Jasper, Quartz, Turquoise and many others. Due to its spiritual and health benefits it is quite popular among the Indian Men and Women both. These are basically worn according to the human’s astrological chart and which planet is ruling his or her destiny.

  • Fashion or Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery is another one of the popular kinds of jewellery in India. It is popular because some attractive materials are used in it and they are much cheaper than other metals and gems. Most of the young population are attracted towards it and when it comes to fashion and trend, it changes very fast according to the changing needs of the population.

  • Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery has been a part of Indian culture from a very long time and it holds a special place in specifically Hindu culture. It is treated as a symbol of wealth. It is meant to be a great investment by many people in India, due to its fast liquidity at times of crisis or any kind of mishappening. It is mostly worn by women which completes the look of their whole attire.

  • Silver Jewellery

Basically silver used in the Silver Jewellery is sterling silver. Silver Jewellery is also very popular among the people just like the Gold Jewellery. Apart from the cities, Silver Jewellery is very popular among the people in the rural areas and it is not very far behind Gold Jewellery. Many ornaments like necklaces, rings, kadas, bracelets are made out of silver. Silver Jewellery is worn mostly by the tribal people to secure them from financial difficulties at times. But now trends are changing silver jewellery studded with gold and some precious gems are quite popular in urban areas also.

Many other kinds of jewellery are also there, I have mentioned quite a few of them. People wear jewellery all over India and it is worn according to the caste or culture of people in different regions. There are many kinds of Jewellery present in the market which covers almost all the body parts like nose, ears, neck, hands, arms, waist, ankle, toes. For all those body parts we have different kinds and types of jewellery in the market. For each body part we have got a lot to choices to choose from. For example, a girl need something for her neck, she has a variety of products to choose from including pendant, chokers, necklaces and many more things, apart from this, these things come in different types of materials as well like gold, silver, stone and handmade jewellery is also present in the market. So, if you need some something you can get that thing with many more choices and designs or patterns.

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