Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Memes are the hot cake on the Internet today where everyone is obsessed with social media. Almost every smartphone user shares memes on their social media pages to gain popularity among followers. Since memes are hilarious, everybody loves them. Memes make people laugh and some of them convey lessons for life as well. But, do you wonder where these memes come from or how do some people share trending memes at a regular basis? If you don’t know, then here is the answer- there are websites that provide all types of memes for downloading. Some of them offer free service while some need a paid subscription to use their services.

Here is a list of top 7 Meme downloading websites from where you can download memes as per your needs.

  1. Reddit: Once popular as a social news platform, Reddit now has become a beloved destination among Meme lovers. The website is extensively used by memers all around the world for its high quality content. Other than memes, you can find photos, videos, GIFs, and articles on various topics on this website.
  2. Quickmeme: As the name suggests, Quickmeme is the perfect destination to quickly download trending memes. It also allows users to share memes on their social media page on the go, without the inconvenience of downloading them.
  3. KnowYourMeme: KnowYourMeme is a popular website where meme lovers can find memes based on Internet slangs. This website uses a wiki software that collects various memes that had gone viral previously and remakes them in a revised form.
  4. Gifbin: Although popularly known for its funny and exciting GIFs, Gifbin also provides quality memes that can bring a laughter on your face. Gifbin offers trending and latest meme collections that can be downloaded or shared directly on various social network sites. 
  5. Imgur: If you are searching for all types of content from memes to short videos in order to upload on your social media page, then Imgur is just the right place to visit. This website contains contents like hilarious memes, GIFs, images, videos etc. You just have  to use a tool called Imgur gallery downloader and download whatever you want to. You can also share your own content like photos or videos on this website. This can be done by using the same tool called Imgur gallery downloader.
  6. 9GAG: If you are a meme lover on Facebook, then you might have definitely heard about the Facebook page called 9GAG. This Facebook page provides memes of all genres and has a fan following of around 42 million. It is a Hong Kong based company started in 2008 and today it is one of the most influential meme pages around the world.
  7. Memedroid: Memedroid is a meme-generating website dedicated for android phones. You can find and share various hilarious and weird memes that can be downloaded or shared from your Android phone.

I hope you found some useful information about meme-generating pages from this article. If you feel that any other pages should be included in this list, please let me know. 

Thank you very much for reading!