Best online tools for cool text effects

Best online tools for cool text effects

Today I am going to discuss about a few online text tools that will help you to give various effects to your writings. So, let’s get started.

First of all, let’s check out a tool named Texturizer. Texturizer is an online tool for creating text effects. The tool basically loads with a predefined text effect and every time I reload it, it will give me a different text effect and the cool thing about this is that I can play around with the text effect that it gives me. I can put in my own text and I can play around with the settings.

The cool thing about texturizer is that it comes with its own presets and it has tons of presets. I mean if you click on the load more you’ll see that it has animal print text effects, army style text effect, comic book style text effect and the list goes on and on. There are a few settings that I can change. For example, if I want to change the font I have a drop-down where I can choose from multiple fonts.

I can change the font size again using the arrow keys you can go larger or smaller. I can even remove the background.

The next tool on my list is Text Font Maker. Text Font Maker is a free online tool for creating varieties of fancy fonts and colors. You can spice up your Facebook and Instagram accounts by creating awesome text fonts using this tool. There are different types of text generators having different uses:

  • Bold Text Generator- You can use this tool to type bold and fancy text or you can convert your normal fonts into bold fonts.
  • Cursive Text Generator- You can get cursive text from normal text using this free tool. You can use it for your social media posts or on gift cards or invitation cards.
  • Instagram Text Generator- Create awesome fonts for your IG bio texts and captions with this free tool. You can surprise your followers by creating unique fonts on your IG account.
  • Small Text Generator- You can create small text from your normal-sized text using this tool. With this free tool, you can make dazzling texts for using on social media platforms.
  • Vaporwave Text Generator- Convert your normal text into artistic text fonts using this free tool.
  • Glitch Text Generator- Use this tool to get spooky-looking glitches with your text and amaze your friends.

If you want to find more of these amazing text generators you can visit

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