Living in Metro Phoenix – Things To Consider

Living in Metro Phoenix – Things To Consider


 Big-City Living at Small Town Costs

The Metro Phoenix area offers all of the possibilities for big city living without the big city price tag. Phoenix ranks as the 5th largest metro region in the United States with 3 and a half million folks living in the region, as mentioned by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. With a reduced rate of unemployment and sensibly priced real estate against the backdrop of the gorgeous Sonoran Desert, this desert metropolis offers a lifestyle that leads the way as one of the nation’s most livable metropolitan areas.

Warm Weather, Good Housing Market

Metro Phoenix featured one of probably the hottest housing markets nationwide. In 2005, Phoenix’s construction business outperformed practically every other metro region, breaking records for construction warrants, real estate sold as well as increases in regular household costs. For new home buyers looking for a great array of housing types in eclectic neighbourhoods, Metro Phoenix includes an exciting assortment that even by far the most discriminate investor will be delighted to call “home”. From the exclusive and prominent Arizona Biltmore area to the historic abodes of the Encanto District as well as the quaint, antique adobe homes of the Willo District the area has a number of architectures. So whether you are looking for a completely new house in a master planned community, a customized home of the dreams of yours, or perhaps a modern condominium with a lot of amenities, Metro Phoenix has it all!

Strong Economy

Economic expansion is actually handled by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. The general metro earning is nearly $130 billion, transforming Phoenix into one of the most powerful economies in the nation. Emulating the big population increase in the region, Greater Phoenix’s economy keeps growing. From April 2004 to 2005, there had been more than 63,000 brand new jobs added to the Greater Phoenix area, creating a four % rise in employment development, ranking Greater Phoenix amongst probably the highest job development parts in the nation. Moreover, Arizona State ranked for probably the topmost portion of work created throughout the previous year, second just to its neighbour Nevada. Thus it’s not surprising that the speed of unemployment in Greater Phoenix and also the State of Arizona are actually beneath the national average. The city features an incredibly low unemployment rate, presently at an incredible 4.1 %!

Industries currently thriving in Metro Phoenix include aerospace, electronics manufacturing, business services, wholesale distribution, tourism and travel. High technology also offers a really solid presence in Metro Phoenix. As a situation of fact, high tech businesses alone make up 56 % of employment throughout the state of Arizona. Best companies in the area include: State of Arizona, City of Phoenix, Banner Health System, Marriott Hotels, Wal Mart Stores, Kroger Company, Honeywell, Boeing Co, as well as Motorola, simply to name just a few.

Abundance of Cultural Hotspots

Metro Phoenix has not just economic opportunity as well as quality living, culture, Phoenix is additionally a premier multi-cultural destination featuring a rich array of arts, performances and culture! You will find museums, performing arts and art galleries centers which showcase the area’s past, heritage and arts. The Herberger Theatre welcomes site visitors for informal lunch delivering presentations and also the Arizona Center includes both superb restaurants and shopping options. The 500 million dollar Collier Center multi-use growth situated on the north end of the America West Arena is within the initial phases of development. The opulent Spanish Baroque Revival Theatre, The Orpheum, was originally built in the season 1929 and has been recently renovated to be used for the art performances, civic dealings and community gatherings. The Phoenix Central Library, measuring 5 stories tall, is actually an architectural masterpiece. It’s estimated value is actually 43 dollars mil and stores more than one million volumes, with seating for around 8 100 visitors. The Phoenix Art Museum is likewise a favorite cultural destination. It measures 160,000 square feet as well as has a set of more than 17,000 works of art form from all around the world.

Therefore do not be shocked if after visiting Metro Phoenix and its numerous cultural attractions you start to envision Metro Phoenix as your new home!