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Things Other Than Sanitizers That Can Add Stain To Clothes

We all know that sanitizers that we are using so frequently these days are not made to clean our clothes and they can add stains to your pretty outfits forever and you might not be able to wear them again in your life. But still, some people ask questions like does hand sanitizer stain clothes for real? Well, yes any alcohol-based sanitizer can add stains to your clothes which can be very hard to remove once it gets permanent on your outfit.

But apart from sanitizers, there are some more products that can be very harsh for your clothes and that can leave a mark on your favorite outfit which can never fade away. You must avoid all those products or keep your safety while using those products to avoid such accidents. Well, here are some of the major things which are never friendly for your clothes.

Red Wine 

Another type of alcohol and similarly prone to harm your garments. Famously difficult to clean, this drink will leave an irate red smear on floor coverings or clothing. There are two different ways to manage a red wine stain. For garments, pull the influenced region across a bowl until it’s as close as a drum. Cover the stain in salt and pour boiling water over it. Make a point to wash it in a hot setting as soon as you can. The subsequent strategy, use vinegar to douse the stain, and afterward rinse and permit it to dry. If your article of clothing isn’t washable or has an exceptional finish, take it to an expert cleaner. 


Actually like some other alcohol-based thing, beer contains some substance of alcohol which is sufficient to put a strain on your beautiful garments. As beer is water-based, getting free of stains from most things is clear. Get a wet material and tenderly touch at the stain and afterward wash at once. You can even utilize a clothing stain remover. If your article of clothing isn’t waterproof or not intended to be washed, look for proficient cleaning counsel. 

Coffee and Tea 

Another ordinary top pick and successive wrongdoer, with regards to stains, is coffee. Utilize baking pop and water to drench the stain and afterward wash as typical. Despite the fact that they look terrible, coffee stains can be taken off from washable clothing decently easily. You can even utilize stain remover on difficult dried-on marks. The equivalent goes with tea, the stains of tea can stick for seemingly forever if they are not treated immediately. 


From rainwater to inadvertent splashes from drinks or washing, water can be devastating to certain textures. Softened cowhide specifically can be ruined by even the lightest of summer rain showers. Leaving white watermarks on non-waterproof surfaces, water harm is difficult to fix on things not intended to get wet. The best arrangement is to guarantee you treat your articles of clothing with water defensive items prior to taking a walk around the rain. 


Liquor includes vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, and other alcoholic drinks all things considered known as spirits. These drinks will have a similar impact on your clothing as the alcohol found in hand sanitizers. Alcohol is never useful for your garments and these liquor things have high substance in alcohol making them exceptionally devastating for your garments. Abstain from getting excessively plastered and spilling that liquor all-around your garments if you need a long life of your garments.

Different Types of Hoverboards In The Market

Hoverboards are now in the trend and instead of buying cycles, people choose to buy hoverboards to commute short distances. Hoverboards are more attractive, consume less space, consume less energy of the person who is riding the board and it is available in various types. Overall they offer many advantages over the normal cycles that people used to buy in the past but choosing the one for you could be a difficult decision.

There are mini hoverboards for kids, foot hoverboards, and many more types that can be bought. But you should look out for the hoverboard that not just looks attractive but it must fulfill the need of the situation. If you are finding it difficult to choose the correct one for yourself then you must see the variety of hoverboards first and how they can be useful to you. Here are some popular varieties listed below.

Broad Wheel Hoverboard

Broad wheel hoverboards are an absolute beast and they come with 10 inches tires that can move around easily on mud, wet grounds, rough terrains, grass, and sand. These tires however made it difficult for the hoverboard to run at more speed. These hoverboards are smooth while riding and do not feel uncomfortable on rough roads due to their big broad styles and goof suspension. They are good for beginners as they hold grip and balance well as compared to others. The hoverboard however offers low torque which is not good while climbing.

Medium Wheel Hoverboard

The medium wheel hoverboards are a good option for people who love climbing steep hills and at the same time need comfort while riding. The 8-inch tires of this hoverboard make the ride safe and comfortable for the rider. You just need some patience and practice to ride it properly. The hoverboard is not too big to take somewhere and not too small that it will not bear your weight in rough, grassy or muddy conditions. You can use them in all-terrain.

Small Wheel Hoverboard

If you want something for your kid then you must consider buying a small wheel hoverboard that comes with 6-6.5 inches tires. These hoverboards can bear the weight of children and teenagers who are 13 years or below. They offer great comfort and due to the small design they are easier to pretend anywhere and you can keep them anywhere easily. Don’t bother to ride this hoverboard if you are an adult as it will damage the hoverboard due to excess weight.

One wheel Hoverboards

The one-wheel hoverboards are very sturdy, durable, have powerful motors, and come with powerful batteries that can reach a maximum speed up to 15 miles per hour. The hoverboard is like a surfboard and it feels like you are riding on the tides on your nearby roads. The hoverboards have great acceleration that can be controlled easily by leaning forward and back. They work a little differently as compared to normal two-wheel hoverboards.

Individual Foot Hoverboards

Individual foot hoverboards for you can say that they are individual for hover shoes that work on their own. Wear them in your individual feet and move around at a decent speed of 7 miles per hour. It feels very much like skates but comes with a fitted motor that does not require your effort to ride the roads. However, they need precision to drive and you need to balance them to ride safely.

Different Grading Systems All Around The World

The grading system was developed to measure the overall performance of the students in a manner that every aspect gets covered during the evaluation process. There are many different types of grading systems present all over the world that is considered as the best in class grading systems due to their efficiency in accessing the right potential of the students. However, there are many instances where people need to convert their grades into marks of percentages. In India, these grades are known as CGPA and that is why converting them into percentages becomes a task in itself that can be done easily by using an online tool available on Cgpatomarks.com

Now as there are many other grading systems there is a greater need to convert those grades into points and then only you can convert them into percentages. However, some countries are very efficient in delivering accurate results to the students by using the grading system only whereas some rely on the percentage method. Here are some of the major countries that are different but considered as the best grading systems all over the world.

Grading in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is quite possibly the most pursued nation for worldwide students, be it for Bachelor’s certifications or for Master’s. Educational expenses are low, the disciplines are different. The International Grading System follows a basic 1 – 10 scale, with one being the most exceedingly terrible and 10 being the most you can get. The grades can likewise compare to a rate equivalency, implying that: 

1 – 0-5% right; 

2 – 5-15% right; 

3 – 15-25% right; 

10 – 95-100% right.

Grading in Germany

The German grading system is different from different nations as it utilizes a 5-or 6-point grading system where 1 being phenomenal and 5-6 methods lacking. The grading system is normal in both lower and higher schools. If an irate educator goes to your work area, tosses the paper, and shouts “Sehr gut!”, it implies you progressed nicely. Here is the way the grading in Germany resembles: 

1 or 1-: Very Good; 

2+, 2 or 2-: Good; 

3+, 3 or 3-: Satisfactory; 

4+ or 4: Sufficient; 

4-, 5+, 5, 5-: Below Requirements; 

6: Fail.

Grading in the U.K.

The United Kingdom has an unmistakable grading system. Utilizing Honors, letters, and certain rates, which is extra to the GPA, the U.K. has its own transformation plot, which we took a gander at independently. In any case, as an unpleasant aide, you should realize that you can complete a Bachelor’s certification in the U.K. with: 

First-class honors – normally 70% or higher; 

Second-class honors, upper-division – commonly 60 – 69%; 

Second-class honors, lower division – commonly 50 – 59%; 

Third-class honors – commonly 40 – 49%; 

Without honors – granted a customary degree, in some cases known as a “pass”.

Grading in the U.S

The U.S. has a long history of GPAs and letters under the pretense of grades, however, very few individuals realize that the – and the + close to A, B, C, and so forth has a consider on the last grade, as well. The GPA, with its recipe of partitioning the absolute amount of grade points to the measure of credit hours, can go from 0.0 to 4.0. Also, that is the lone brief that we can give you about the US grading system, on the grounds that the U.S grading system justifies an inside and out investigation completely all alone.

Treat These Health Conditions By Following Keto Diet

Treat These Health Conditions By Following Keto Diet

Every other person in this world is going through some kind of issues or problems in their body due to change in the work pattern, eating pattern and most importantly the air we are breathing is not of good quality. People are always eager to try new remedies, diets, and exercises nowadays to get back in shape and live a healthy life.

What if I tell you that once you start following a keto diet you can sort out many health problems of yours which are most common in human beings nowadays. A Ketogenic diet is basically a fat-based diet where you try to avoid the intake of carbohydrates and if you people are unable to follow this kind of diet due to food issues, they take the keto pills and make the diet work. But if you are taking those pills make sure you read about them thoroughly. Suppose you want to try ultra-fast keto pills, read the ultra fast keto boost reviews, and then only try those pills.

There are many advantages of the keto diet and major advantages in weight loss or fat loss for overweight people. But, besides weight loss, the keto diet might be effective in the treatment or prevention of many health conditions, including:

Metabolic Syndrome: Limited investigation, joining an examination dispersed in November 2017 in the journal Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews, has suggested that adults with the metabolic disease following keto shed more weight and muscle to fat proportion contrasted and those on a standard American eating routine, which is weighty in arranged food and added sugars. 

Type 2 Diabetes: Research conveyed in September 2016 in the Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders proposed the eating regimen could assist people with type 2 diabetes and can incite upgrades in HbA1c levels. 

Bipolar Disorder: In people with type 2 bipolar issues, keto may be a disposition stabilizer, and one early examination, circulated in October 2012 in the journal Neurocase, suggested the course of action may be more practical than medication.

Getting Obese: Compared with those on a typical low-calorie diet, overweight individuals on a low-calorie ketogenic diet lost more weight and blazing natural fat in one examination. It may similarly help ensure lean weight during weight decrease, as shown by an article conveyed in February 2018 in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: A little report disseminated in February 2013 in the journal Neurobiology of Aging tracked down that more seasoned higher-risk adults on a keto diet experienced better memory working after just a month and a half. A couple of experts maintain low-carb eats fewer carbs for patients as one way to deal with delayed frontal cortex development and possibly Alzheimer’s disease, the most generally perceived type of dementia. 

Parkinson’s Disease: Because these patients are at a higher risk for dementia, various experts are focusing on how impelling sustaining ketosis may be used to ensure scholarly working. 

Certain Cancers: Keto may be used in mix with chemotherapy and radiation, a couple of assessments have suggested, recollecting that one circulated for November 2018 in the journal Oncology. Regardless, more examinations are relied upon to choose whether keto can assume a section in harm treatment, and patients should not use it as an autonomous treatment or without an expert’s assent. 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Because women with a fruitless circumstance, PCOS are at more genuine peril for diabetes and strength, a couple of clinicians recommend the keto diet. However, PCOS is equivalent to most clinical issues referred to here: Long-term research on wellbeing is required.

Top Five Best Indoor Hammocks You Should Try

Top Five Best Indoor Hammocks You Should Try

At the point when you think about a hammock, you most likely envision a forested setting with the hammock influencing tenderly between two trees. Or on the other hand, perhaps you consider something somewhat more tropical-like two palm trees, a hammock, a white-sand seashore, and a perspective on the perfectly clear sea. 

Be that as it may, did you realize you can really hang a hammock indoors? The best indoor hammocks assist you with making a definitive indoor unwinding zone. With a considerable lot of similar highlights as the best convenient indoor hammock bed and best hammocks for the backyard, these indoor models are ideal for sleeping, perusing a book, in any event, staying in bed, for the time being, thus significantly more. 

Mock One

The flexible compact hammock functions admirably indoors as well as’ fabricated intense for standard open-air use in your backyard or at the campground. It rapidly creases down into an advantageous conveying sack for capacity while not being used or for easy transportation. Be that as it may, the genuine feature of the Mock One is its minimized size. Not at all like most outlined hammocks that are simply too huge to find a way into most indoor spaces, the Mock one’s smaller size fits directly in.

Sky Brazilian Double Hammock 

With regards to two-man indoor hammocks, the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock is hard to beat. Obviously, this twofold hammock is roomy. However, that is not all to adore. It’s additionally truly agreeable because of its delicate woven cotton texture. Utilize this indoor hammock alone to really case yourself in the overabundance texture. In the same way as other of our number one indoor hammocks, this one is ideal for both indoor and outside use. Sadly, it doesn’t accompany a stand. 

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair 

Quite different from different hammocks on this rundown, the Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair is a hammock seat. As a hammock seat, this Sorbus hammock is ideal for sitting instead of lying. Use it as a different spot to kick back and unwind or use it to supplant traditional furnishings. This hammock seat works similarly to indoors. Even better, the whole hammock, including the agreeable pads, are machine washable. 

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock 

Another first-rate twofold hammock, the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is a brilliant, agreeable indoor hammock with a stand. The included stand is strong and rough. It’s developed from hardcore steel so you can have confidence it will last for quite a long time even with substance use. All things considered, the stand is generally lightweight. It tends to be assembled and dismantled inside the space of minutes for easy capacity. As for the actual hammock, it boasts adequate space for two individuals on the double. It’s produced using cotton with polyester end strings for the most extreme life span. 

Flber Macramé Bohemian Hammock 

The Flber Macramé Bohemian Hammock is a one-of-a-kind-looking indoor hammock that will add a hint of boho-stylish to any room in your home. The hammock is made basically from a blend of cotton and polyester. The thick hammock surface makes for an agreeable spot to unwind or rest. Rope periphery and hand-made bunches decorate the hammock to make its a la mode look. This Flber hammock is easy to hang. Shockingly, it doesn’t accompany a stand. You should put resources into your own stand or balance this hammock from anchor focuses on the dividers or roof of your home.

Find The Best Construction Companies Of Madurai Here!

Find The Best Construction Companies Of Madurai Here!

Construction companies are everywhere in the nation but the major construction companies are found in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Noida. Most of the big construction companies have their offices in different locations all over India and they operate in every major state of the country. States like Tamil Nadu which are more famous for the textile, paper, and automobile industry may lack in the construction sector but this does not mean that they do not have construction companies that are big and reputed in the whole state.

Cities like Chennai and Madurai hold the most number of construction companies in the Tamil Nadu region and here in this article are going to witness the Best construction companies Madurai or the best builders that are present there. Look at the names of the best and the most trusted names in the construction business of Madurai.

Jayabharath Homes & Developers

Jayabharath, a leading construction entity based in Madurai, is based on a tradition of custom and is driven by the verve and force of youth. Jayabharath is devoted to giving premium lodging arrangements intended for the 21st century and is focused on surpassing clients’ assumptions. They have some expertise in the advancement of villas with land possession, as gated networks, in developing areas across Tamil Nadu. They convey an enormous offer to their customers by conveying quality homes sponsored with ‘start to finish’ support administrations, strangely at the most reasonable costs. 

RP Construction

RP Construction company was started in the year 2003 to provide the best in class service to the people living in Madurai. It is one of the leading construction companies in the state of Tamil Nadu. Due to their competitive price and good quality of work they are one of the most reputed construction companies in the Madurai district. They have various options that suit all income level people in the region. They specialize in the latest engineering works, aesthetic designs, interior designing, stone cladding, and decorative works. 

Caaliber Construction Company

Caaliber Construction Company primarily operates in the cities like Madurai and Chennai. They are in the construction business from the year 2005 and they have taken up numerous housing projects in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They build both residential buildings and industrial buildings or plants of the people and with the presence of new architectural design with them, they are capable of giving the best possible look and design to the whole building, flat or house. They even have options to build eco-friendly houses for people, while if you want a regular house they offer a good amount as per your budget and income.

Sri Angammal Constructions

SRI ANGAMMAL CONSTRUCTIONS is a Strong Construction organization preceded by three ages in the year 1992. As a solid and dependable construction organization, Sri Angammal Constructions is resolved to have quality as the lone objective in our administration for more than three pages. Sri Angammal Constructions let the clients get the truth of their fantasy structures with well-planned primary standards at the monetary expense with high toughness and strength.

Sri Muthumathi Builders

Sri Muthumathi Builders is a structural engineering firm effectively contributing a great deal to improve the scene of Madurai and different locales of Tamilnadu for more than 25 years. SMB has an unmistakable plan of action and does turnkey projects with demonstrated aptitude in creative reasoning, planning, and compelling expense to the board. They are focused on customer fulfillment and conveying esteem without bargaining quality and time.

Everything About Snow Boots In Detail

Everything About Snow Boots In Detail

Snow boots are worn by people who live in extremely cold conditions where there is snow most of the time. Usually, the people who live in cold places with snowy conditions prefer buying them. But this does not mean that you cannot buy them if you live in cold conditions where you receive low snowfall every year. Although they are made for heavy snowfall conditions, people can buy the best snow booties for themselves as there can be events in your life in the future where you can get the chance to wear such boots. Never mistake snow boots for winter boots, they both are different and their applicability and usage are different. There are some other things as well that you should know about the snow boots. Read about the major features and qualities of the snow boots below and understand why they are different from winter boots.

Features Of Snow Boots

Water Proof

There is a difference between waterproof boots and water-resistant boots. The boots that you wear in your winter times are made to resist the light water and cannot work in extreme rainy or snowy conditions. These boots are water-resistant and the snow boots, on the other hand, are waterproof and they can easily keep your feet warm even if you go inside the snow or water. They are made to keep your feet warm in extremely snowy conditions and you can move in deep snow easily if you are wearing snow boots.

Bottom Made Of Rubber

You may have seen people who work in construction sites or in snow conditions wear long boots that are made of rubber or the bottom of that boot is made up of rubber to protect the person wearing that boots from mud, water, and snow. The rubber bottom also protects you from getting electric shocks as rubber does not allow electricity to flow in your body. The rubber bottom helps the person to keep their feet dry and clean and the snow, mud or water never goes inside your boots.

Elevated Height Of The Boot

The height of the snow boots is good enough to capture half of your legs, they are generally more in height as compared to your hiking boots and rain boots. The main purpose of these boots is to protect your legs from shivering in extreme cold weather and keep your legs and feet warm all the time. If you have daily work and you have to go out and walk in the deep snow every day, then your normal show will give you chills and your boot bottom will be all wet, giving you goosebumps all the time. 

Snow Gaiter

Snow gaiter is the attribute of the design of the boot that is designed specifically to keep your feet dry all the time while you are working in deep snow by restricting the snow or water to come inside the boots. There are two types of snow gaiter shows, the build-in gaiter, and the pull-up gaiter. The main work of both the gaiters is to avoid snow and water from coming inside the boot so that you can walk easily, but the built-in gaiter is very easy to get in and fits in most of the instances but is not that good when you want to go in deep snow. On the other hand, the pull-up gaiter works very well in deep snow but getting into it is a little more time-consuming than a built-in gaiter.

Understand The Major Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards

Understand The Major Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards

Gift cards are basically cards that retailers or online stores offer to the customers so that they can shop products with those cards and avail special discounts on all the products till that card has to balance in it. They are not like your regular prepaid debit or credit card that can be reloaded every time they run out of balance. The balance that is present in the gift card can be used one time only or if you are using them partially then it can be used two or three times depending on the available balance in the card and the price of the products that you are buying. 

Only the gift cards that you buy from the stores can be used at those stores only but suppose you have myvanillagiftcard with you then you can use it in many more stores whether they are online or offline. However, when you are using them, they can be used once only until they have the required balance in them. But with a visa prepaid gift card, you can use it to buy different products and services online or offline. If you have a gift card with you then you must look at the potential pros and cons of these cards.

Major Pros Of Using A Gift Card

Gift cards can offer various benefits: 

  • They can be a decent substitute type of installment if you’d prefer not to pay cash or utilize a credit card. 
  • Gift cards can be a proper gift for these special seasons or some other exceptional occasion. 
  • You can utilize gift cards to control spending (supportive for staying away from bank overdrafts). 
  • They can be easy and helpful to utilize. 

As far as gift-giving, gift cards may be best if you have no clue about what to purchase for somebody on your gift list, as they permit the beneficiary to purchase what they need and when they need it. Simply remember that if you’re picking shut circle gift cards over open-circle cards, that restricts the giftee’s possibilities for where they can utilize the cards. 

Major Cons Of Using A Gift Card

Gift cards can likewise have a few drawbacks. Here are some of them: 

  • After purchases are made with a gift card, there might be a limited quantity of cash left, which if not utilized, regardless of whether because of carelessness or latency, winds up as cash wasted. 
  • You may pay purchase or reload charges to add cash. 
  • Shut circle cards limit purchasing power. 
  • Losing a gift card or having it taken can be a migraine, particularly if you have neglected to enlist it or keep the gift card number.6 
  • You could be charged a latency expense if you neglect to utilize your card.

The pros and cons are common with both physical and digital gift cards, both the cards can be used for once till they have balance in them. Digital cards are basically coupon codes that you receive from the companies and they cannot be used partially like you can use some physical cards in offline stores. Most companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and others allow users to grab a coupon code online or a physical card offline to shop and get an instant discount for buying stuff from them, and most of the cards or codes can be used only for one time. But if you have a visa gift card with you, you can shop with that card with every merchant and you can use them partially as well at many places.

Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Top 7 Meme Downloading Sites

Memes are the hot cake on the Internet today where everyone is obsessed with social media. Almost every smartphone user shares memes on their social media pages to gain popularity among followers. Since memes are hilarious, everybody loves them. Memes make people laugh and some of them convey lessons for life as well. But, do you wonder where these memes come from or how do some people share trending memes at a regular basis? If you don’t know, then here is the answer- there are websites that provide all types of memes for downloading. Some of them offer free service while some need a paid subscription to use their services.

Here is a list of top 7 Meme downloading websites from where you can download memes as per your needs.

  1. Reddit: Once popular as a social news platform, Reddit now has become a beloved destination among Meme lovers. The website is extensively used by memers all around the world for its high quality content. Other than memes, you can find photos, videos, GIFs, and articles on various topics on this website.
  2. Quickmeme: As the name suggests, Quickmeme is the perfect destination to quickly download trending memes. It also allows users to share memes on their social media page on the go, without the inconvenience of downloading them.
  3. KnowYourMeme: KnowYourMeme is a popular website where meme lovers can find memes based on Internet slangs. This website uses a wiki software that collects various memes that had gone viral previously and remakes them in a revised form.
  4. Gifbin: Although popularly known for its funny and exciting GIFs, Gifbin also provides quality memes that can bring a laughter on your face. Gifbin offers trending and latest meme collections that can be downloaded or shared directly on various social network sites. 
  5. Imgur: If you are searching for all types of content from memes to short videos in order to upload on your social media page, then Imgur is just the right place to visit. This website contains contents like hilarious memes, GIFs, images, videos etc. You just have  to use a tool called Imgur gallery downloader and download whatever you want to. You can also share your own content like photos or videos on this website. This can be done by using the same tool called Imgur gallery downloader.
  6. 9GAG: If you are a meme lover on Facebook, then you might have definitely heard about the Facebook page called 9GAG. This Facebook page provides memes of all genres and has a fan following of around 42 million. It is a Hong Kong based company started in 2008 and today it is one of the most influential meme pages around the world.
  7. Memedroid: Memedroid is a meme-generating website dedicated for android phones. You can find and share various hilarious and weird memes that can be downloaded or shared from your Android phone.

I hope you found some useful information about meme-generating pages from this article. If you feel that any other pages should be included in this list, please let me know. 

Thank you very much for reading!

Hopping on the Trend:Cal 7 Penny Board

Hopping on the Trend:Cal 7 Penny Board

Nowadays people have started following ongoing trends just to keep their cool quotient in check..I mean everyone does everything to keep themselves noticed..so there are some ongoing trends that are being followed by EVERYONE

  1. Being an influencer: Instagram has upped the social media game by several notches..be it the way the stories are posted or be it a handle’s aesthetics..everything on Instagram seems beautiful and pleasing to they eye. Everyone on this platform wants to be famous and wants to be the one influencing other people on the social media. Sometimes, people also follow trends like the shoe transition or buss it challenge or transition videos and nowadays the latest trend is Insta reels to get viral on this social media platform.People like Komal PandeyKusha KapilaDolly Singh have about one million followers and with their fresh and interesting content they have been successfully engaging many audiences.
  2. Being a blogger: Blogging has become the most common platform for the youth nowadays to express themselves and their view points on a larger platform..many people have took onto blogging in different fields..be it lifestyle blogging or fashion blogging or travel blogging or food blogging, everyone enjoys the content created by them and even follow the recommendations they provide or people even try to copy the lifestyles of the bloggers they follow. For example Kritika Khurana(that boho girl) is a very famous fashion blogger..Savi and Vid(the bruised passports) are famous travel bloggers..Belly Over Mind by Ankiet Gulabani is a very famous food blog, etc
  3. Pre wedding video trends: The couples who are about to get married have started following this trend of getting an exclusive photo shoot done..couples choose a trendy spot to get their pictures clicked in order to get quirky and beautiful photos..many people invest a lot of money to get this done.
  4. Riding skates: Be it the youth or adults, this trend is on the go since a long time now..many people are seen using skateboards and penny boards on a daily basis. Penny boards are an amazing option and top 5 cal 7 penny boards are easily available online, whereas skateboards are easily available too.
  5. Online Shopping: Nowadays people avoid the obvious rush and hustle of the markets and malls and prefer shopping online instead. Usually people select designs online and prefer to get it delivered to the comforts of their home..internet surely is producing one  razy, lazy and lethargic generation I must say! Websites like Myntra and Flipkart offers a wide variety of clothes that too in a lot of sizes and material!
  6. Making Tiktoks: Tiktok is a Chineese app through which you can produce short clips in which you can enunciate or dance to songs or lip dub to dialogues..although this Chineese app has been banned in India, it is still one of the most followed and performed trend throughout the world..be it elders or youngsters, everyone loves making tiktoks and they love sharing it on social media to be part of the ongoing trend.
  7. Cycling: During the pandemic, cycling became one of the most favorite pass time of the youth, people started cycling..leaving their other vehicles behind just in order to keep up with the ongoing trend.