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Top Ten Most Popular Android Games Of All Time

You may find a huge number of Android games on the Google Play Store. However, wouldn’t you say that it is quite difficult to find genuine jewels? Here are probably the best games for those individuals who find it difficult to download the best games for their mobile. 

Clash of Clans 

Clash of tribes is really a strategic war game. Here, you can make your own group under a group chief who is known as the faction chief. You can likewise be the faction chief as well. It is one of the most downloaded games from the play store. 

8 Ball Pool 

The 8 Ball Pool game provides you with an extremely interactive play area, and it is more or less a similar experience as you can have in a genuine pool club. It’s like having the game with your friends in the pocket. Make it more interesting by using the 8 ball pool generator and get free coins easily. 

Candy Crush Saga 

Candy Crush Saga is mainstream to such an extent that individuals, everything being equal, even the little kids additionally love to play this amazing game. Again, game strategies are easy and perceivable. Your quick wit is the must-have for this game. 

Subway Surfers 

Subway Surfers is a kind of jumping and dodging game with a cool environmental interface that changes as you move towards new fascinating levels. Sometimes all you require is only a peaceful achievement type game that gives you happiness. 

Fruit Ninja 

Fruit Ninja is the most played Android game in the arcade section. It is going to cut the fruits without missing any of them. Believe me, it is a diamond, and you will find it as a pressure reliever. It is too addictive and challenging that you will before long love it. 

Super Mario Run 

Obviously, individuals love it, and it gets one of the most well known Android games. Along these lines, I think you can take a stab at it as well. Since it is refreshed and designed with heaps of modern highlights to diminish the past’s flaws. 

Pubg Mobile 

PUBG mobile is an insanely multiplayer game that you can play from your mobile devices. It is equipped with a rich framework interface and stunning graphics. It offers 100 players fights, group-based fights, deathmatches, and so on. You should survive and be the last one standing to win. 

Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go offers you this present reality experience of collecting uncommon Pokemons. Players need to head outside and gather different Pokemons and fight with different players. You can join different trainers and investigate the universe of Pokemon go anytime. It provides beautiful graphics and an accessible game interface. 

Temple Run 

Temple run is another most downloaded android game on the play store which is even similarly famous for players of all ages. In a perilous and risky manner, you need to run and survive from the sanctuary beast monkey as you have taken its reviled idol. Coins will be there on your street, and you can gather them for more points. 

Need for Speed 

Need for Speed is there is one of the most downloaded Android games ever. There are vehicles that you can customize and use in the race of an unlimited number of streets. Thus, it’s like an opportunity to ride your fantasy vehicle virtually and to be the winner of difficult to beat racers.