Life of an Indian Army Soldier

Life of an Indian Army Soldier

The Indian Army

The Indian Army is one of the best military forces in the world. There are many soldiers in the Indian Army and there are many who want to join. Being a soldier is one of the best ways to live a fulfilling life and become worthy of the nation. While a career in the Indian Army is beneficial in many ways, it is full of struggles and hard comings.

Struggles of a soldier

The struggle begins right from the training period. There are many who quit the army during the training period. But, the ones who remain become the best and gain the respect of the nation. There are a lot of things that a cadet has to go through during the training session. It is not just a test of their strength, it is a test of their patience. This is what makes them unbeatable.


Once done with the training, a cadet either becomes a soldier or an Army Officer. There are actually many ranks in Indian Army. As a soldier gains experience, he gets promoted to higher ranks. While there are soldiers of various ranks in Indian Army, there is one thing that is common in them – they all have an undying love for their country.

Struggling in extreme conditions

Their love for their country can be seen when they spend days in the extreme cold of Siachen or face the extreme heat while protecting the borders in Rajasthan. They have the will and the strength to go through any kind of situation. They are trained to endure any kind of weather and they are ready to serve the nation 24×7. This is what makes them one of the best in the world. 

Undying patriotism

Every soldier loves his country. When it comes to Indian soldiers, this love can be seen in their eyes. They have an undying love for India and its people and they can do anything to protect it from enemies in the form of external or internal forces.


The life of an Indian soldier is inspiring and motivating. We all should learn something from our soldiers and try to be useful to our nation in some way. Only then can we feel proud to be its citizens.

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